The Playlist That Never Was, or Back to the Vault, Part 3

More songs…

It’s a moment I’ll never forget: hanging upside down off the end of the bed with my orange and white Panasonic transistor radio, while for six minutes the world stood still.


There are just some perfect records in the world.


Found a near-mint original copy of this album at Psychotronic Records in Augusta this past spring. Damn, I wish I’d picked it up.


Letterman knows good music, and he put a lot on his show–something that’s lost with the cult of personality shows made up of Twitter-post bits that make up late night TV now.


What else can you say but “beautiful?”

A Trip through Music and Pop Culture at MoPop

Through a ridiculously kind gift by my partner’s parents, he and I recently went on an actual trip, out of the house and everything. Along the way, we checked out Seattle and the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop), originally known as the Experience Music Project.┬áThe place is huge, with 140,000 square feet of space housing exhibits on music, sci-fi and fantasy, horror, video games, and since it’s Paul Allen’s place, the Seattle Seahawks. I’m not deeply into sci-fi, but any place that has a Hall of Fame honoring writers, I’m in favor of.

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