Six is the New Five: Thoughts on the RRHOF Class of 2017

The long-awaited announcement from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame revealing its class of 2017 happened this past Tuesday; the list of inductees includes Pearl Jam, Journey, ELO, Tupac Shakur, Joan Baez and Yes, with Nile Rodgers receiving the Award for Musical Excellence.

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Predictions, and Some Thoughts for Us Underdogs

It’s all over but the shouting…in three days from this writing we’ll have the lineup for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

It’s been noted that the predictions from the HOF blogging community are in agreement this year, and I’m pretty much in line. For a really good in-depth analysis of the reasons for and against each act on the ballot, see  here, or here, or here. I won’t try to duplicate these excellent efforts, but here’s who I think we’ll see on the press release this Tuesday:

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Stepping on a Rake, or “Votes? What Votes?”

We should have known things were going too smoothly.

The RRHOF fan vote was down to what was to have been its final eight days when on Tuesday (November 28) the announcement was made that the voting period had been extended through December 15. This actually makes more sense; this way it’s back in sync with the official vote instead of leaving a 10-day gap that would allow fans’ attention to wander before the announcement. It seemed a little haphazard, but this is the RRHOF after all.

But within a couple of hours of that, THIS happened:

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