The Playlist That Never Was, or Back to the Vault, Part 3

More songs…

It’s a moment I’ll never forget: 12 years old, hanging upside down off the end of the bed with my orange and white Panasonic transistor radio, while for six minutes the world stood still.


There are just some perfect records in the world.


Found a near-mint original copy of this album at Psychotronic Records in Augusta this past spring. Damn, I wish I’d picked it up.


Letterman knows good music, and he put a lot on his show–something that’s lost with the cult of personality shows made up of Twitter-post bits that make up late night TV now.


What else can you say but “beautiful?”


6 thoughts on “The Playlist That Never Was, or Back to the Vault, Part 3

    1. Thanks-seems like Shaffer was involved more along the lines of working with artists when they got there, but much credit to Dave and even to forerunners like Carson for putting new talent of all kinds out in front of an audience to actually perform. I don’t know what Conan, Kimmel and Meyer are doing, but from the Corden and Fallon clips I see, it’s more about getting performers to take part in bits with the host to make something that can be packaged for Twitter. Fun, but not great showcasing real music.


      1. And of course back in the day, guys like Carson and especially Cavett would sit down and talk to them, sometimes early in the show. That’s why we have great clips of Hendrix, Joplin, etc. (John and Yoko co-hosted Mike Douglas for a week!) It’s all about the yuks today. As to casting artists, now that I see the work involved, I’m not surprised Paul wasn’t involved. Sounds like a full-time job.

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