Playing Catch Up: 2017 RRHOF Nominee Predictions

Briefly, thanks to everyone who’s taken time to read this blog so far and offer thoughts and corrections–I’m already achieving the goal of learning more than I post. Thanks also to the RRHOF blogging community, especially Future Rock Legends, for welcoming me and spreading the word on Twitter.

The Rock Hall nominee announcement should be any day now, so posted mainly as a benchmark for future attempts, this is a slightly expanded version of the list I submitted to FRL. It’s my first stab at trying to predict an entire ballot and as such is extremely safe (I chickened out of adding Big Star) and oh-so-conveniently hedged in places.

Not holding my breath, but more than five inductees this time around would be welcome.

So now I’m caught up with Hall talk; the next time on this subject we’ll be strapping in for the ride and reacting to this year’s slate of nominees.

  1. Pearl Jam
  2. Chic

Now that that’s out of the way:

  1. The Cars – Disclaimer: I have skin in the game, and this is it. But objectively, they’re critically well thought of, from an underrepresented era, and a perennial on the “snub” lists. They faced a tough ballot last year and I think the Hall will pursue them for a while. I think Steve Van Zandt played a part in their nomination as a result of his working with Elliot Easton and the Empty Hearts; you could do worse than to have him in your corner.
  2. Janet Jackson – The Museum has indicated that leveraging the Hall’s  archival footage is a primary goal, something already  reflected in its social media feeds. And we know that the ceremony and HBO special are the a priority. All this had to be on the mind of the NomCom in relation to  Janet’s approaching motherhood, but with her due date apparently coming before the end of the year I think we’re going to see a triumphant performance to remember next April.
  3. Judas Priest – Metal is woefully underrepresented in the Hall. While deserved on its own, a nom might give some indication where Eddie Trunk stands with the NomCom as a whole, which may in turn signal where the committee stands with the genre. Whatever the politics, Priest deserves it and Rob Halford has said it would be a “real treat,” such a charmingly un-metal expression that you just have to love it.
  4. Journey – It might be too easy, but Joel Peresman mentioned them last year. The Hall’s been steadily ticking the boxes on a series of populist choices thought to be impossible in years past, why not another? If Perry returns for a night it would be, to borrow a phrase, huge. (It does beg the question of dealing with their lineup changes though: would the Hall snub Dunbar or Rolie?)
  5. The Monkees – Seems to be their moment, but if it doesn’t happen now it might be a long time if ever.
  6. Warren Zevon – A songwriter of genius and a performer who took no prisoners. Paul Shaffer will likely champion him now that Bert Berns is in.
  7. Yes/The Moody Blues/ELO – Something has to give here. Yes fans went above and beyond last year only to be disappointed again, the Moody Blues’ absence is a source of major fan outrage and there’s been buzz for a while about ELO. I think the Hall will make what’s actually a safe choice by giving the Moodies their first nod.
  8. The Spinners – A solid choice whose fortunes seem to depend on the ballot around them.
  9. Carole King – She’s having a well-deserved moment that could very well carry over here.
  10. Marvelettes – Nominated before and likely will slip in there sometime.
  11. The Smiths/The Cure – Both deserving, both representative of their era. Would it come down to who’s willing to perform?
  12. 2Pac – First-year-eligible icon.
  13. NIN – The Nom Com is sold; the voters will be too eventually.

Also strong possibilities: Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, Eurythmics




10 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up: 2017 RRHOF Nominee Predictions

  1. Solid predictions! And all are worthy nominees. And YES – hopefully we get more than 5 inductees this year.

    I wish they’d give it a rest with Chic, to be honest. An 11th nomination? Come on! Give that coveted spot on the ballot to another deserving artist….

    Can’t wait to see the final ballot!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Roxy Music: Bryan’s Ferry & Eno have been eligible for 25years and are long overdue. A band whose catalogue has been of enormous influence and originality. There are bands (Smiths, Chic, Cure, more..) being looked at now that claim they’re liniage directly from Roxy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Couldn’t disagree more. It’s ok to not like her style or music, but to completely cast aside one of the strongest back catalogs of music? You might want to brush up on some Janet ‘knowledge’.


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