Iconic Rock Talk Show Moment: The Happy Fits

So last week on my segment for the Earth Station One podcast, I introduced what I hope will be a regular feature tipping listeners to music I’ve discovered- new, old, whatever. So I helpfully put the first one out there and tell everyone to check it out, and over the weekend it dawns on me: I HAVE A BLOG where I can post this information. It’s named after the segment. People can go there and read about it because IT’S A BLOG. Sheesh…yeah, I’m bright. I could blame the fact that I’ve been immersed in some intense content creation for the past couple of weeks, but whatever.


My first tip is The Happy Fits, formed in 2016 in Pottstown, NJ, by two college freshmen: Ross Monteith (a former national fencing champion) on guitar and “orchestra nerd” Calvin Langman on cello. They got together in April of that year and by the end of August had written and recorded a four-song EP called “Awfully Apeelin'” (with cover art showing a cartoon banana) that they released on Spotify. Two days after that release, Arizona music writer Tyler Miranda came across it by accident and tipped off a friend at Spotify, who featured the track “While You Fade Away” on the channel’s “Fresh Finds” playlist. In 24 hours, their stream count jumped from 1,000 to 39,000 and now they find themselves as a trio, having added pro gamer Luke Davis on drums in early 2017, playing live sets at places like the Paste Magazine studios, where I found them through Paste’s Twitter feed.

The Happy Fits are hard to categorize; probably the best description comes from Mitch Mosk at Atwood Magazine, who calls it “an infectious mix of catchy melodies, clever lyrics and just the right balance of gritty indie and light alternative rock.” They refer to it as “alternative infused with funky wunky jumbo time,” and more simply as “jiggy music” and gives their major influences as the Killers, the Strokes and the Alabama Shakes. Their Bandcamp bio also references the Lumineers, and at times there’s a hint of world music. Whatever–it’s just fun and insanely catchy, with the interplay of guitar with a surprisingly ballsy low end from the cello, with these simply beautiful and pure vocals on top.

Give them a listen – just be aware that you’ll have “Dirty Imbecile” in your head all day.


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