The Playlist that Never Was, or Back to the Vault

After my turn hosting the Vault, I hesitated a bit and then sent in another list. A few people got in repeat turns, but unfortunately the station let its PD go, shook up the schedule and canceled the show before I got called back. Such is radio. Here’s to what could have been…

  1. Benjamin Orr, “Candy-O” (Live, Watertown WI, 7/31/97)

Hands down my favorite of his live versions; gives ‘ol Candy some…crunch. Yeah, crunch.


2. The Rolling Stones, “Hearts for Sale” (Steel Wheels)

November 21,1989. Best show I ever saw. Why doesn’t classic rock radio play anything from this album?


3. The Romantics, “I Can’t Tell You Anything” (1977 single)


4. Was (Not Was), “I Can’t Turn You Loose” (What Up Dog?)

The whole album is pure genius. Vocals by Sweet Pea Atkinson, one of the greatest R&B vocalists ever.


5. The Doobie Brothers, “Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While) (Stampede)

Favorite Doobies song. Continuing the Detroit mini-theme here, it’s a cover of a Motown tune.


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