Into the Vault, Part 4

A quick note: “Iconic Rock Moments” is now a regular feature of the Earth Station One Podcast, the flagship program of the ESO Network family of podcasts–check it out for a weekly dose of pop culture geekdom, now including some music news.

And now, because I’m stubborn…back to the vault.

“Just for You”  – Midge Ure, Answers to Nothing, 1988

At one time I thought I’d never see him live, but I’ve seen him twice now, once acoustic, once electric. It’s been revelatory both times–a brilliant vocalist, raconteur and guitarist. Have yet to hear him play this though. One day….

(Mark King on bass, Mark Brzezicki on drums).

“Fully Completely” – The Tragically Hip, Fully Completely, 1993

From Canada’s favorite band, atmospheric and filled with wordplay as aural architecture. When I first heard them I thought of early R.E.M. but they are always and ever themselves.

“Just the Same Way” – Journey, Evolution, 1979

Had to get my Journey on for this. Picked one with Rolie and Perry.

“Crosscut Saw” – The Hindu Love Gods,The Hindu Love Gods, 1990

Warren Zevon and R.E.M (minus Stipe). They had too much fun and it made for a one-off little piece of brilliance.

“For You” – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band,Chance, 1980

One of the band’s trilogy of Springsteen covers with vocals by Chris Thompson. Bombastic as hell but I’ve always loved it. Hey, I’m a Queen fan, I’m down with some bombast.


“Roll Away” – Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam, Roll Away 2007

Hard to believe it’s been 10 years for this album. An old soul in a young body and a kickass guitar player.

“Wheel in the Sky” – Journey,Infinity, 1977

We had time, so we threw this one in because it’s effing great.

“Out in the Fields” – Gary Moore and Phil Lynott, Run for Cover, 1985

Moore and Lynott reunited for the last time on this record, one Lynott made before his death in1986. This was the highest-charting song that either would achieve in their solo careers, going Top Five in the UK.


5 thoughts on “Into the Vault, Part 4

  1. Gave the podcast a listen. Interesting. I didn’t realize Ray Davies had been knighted. Frankly, I thought that would have happened long ago. I hear the Midwestern in your voice.

    As to the playlist, I like Hindu Gods, Tragically Hip the best. Manfred Mann always does good Springsteen. Hindu Gods? Zevon and REM? Doing a song most associated with Albert King? WTF. How did I miss that? And I did not know that Gary Moore was ever a member of Thin Lizzy. As to Journey, try not to hate me too much but never been a fan.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was going to say Missouri. One state north. As to Thin Lizzy, I liked what I heard but I pretty much only owned “Jailbreak” and then lost touch with them.


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