Into the Vault, Part 2

Back from commercials for the second set:

1. Ballad of Danny Bailey (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 1973) – Elton John

A masterpiece from an artist with several to his credit. A testament to the brilliance of producer Gus Dudgeon – that powerful drum sound, the backing vocals that shimmer like light on water….



2. The Knife Feels Like Justice (The Knife Feels Like Justice, 1986) – Brian Setzer 

Title track from the first release from Setzer’s roots rock period; very much of its time but still stands up now. Features songs co-written by Little Steven, Mike Campbell and Bo Diddley and a lineup that includes Kenny Aaronson, Benmont Tench, Campbell and Chuck Leavell among others.




3. Fisherman’s Blues (Fisherman’s Blues, 1988) – The Waterboys 

Pure, organic, brilliant and timeless.




4. White City Fighting (White City: A Novel, 1985) – Pete Townshend

Features David Gilmour on guitar, who’d written the tune for the “About Face” album and asked Townshend for lyrics. Not comfortable with Townshend’s take, he gave the song to him for use on the autobiographical “White City” album. Gilmour then approached Roy Harper, whose completely different take on it didn’t work for him either. Harper and Jimmy Page played on the track for Harper’s album “Whatever Happened to Jugula?”
And somehow “About Face” got made too.



5. Diamonds and Rust (Live) (Unleashed in the East, 1979) – Judas Priest  

What can you say? It worked.



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