Into the Vault, Part I

This was going to be another musing on the RRHOF, covering the sociological implications of the things I’ve seen on my first year as a hall watcher, but since that post stubbornly refuses to let itself be written right now (Yeah, I hear you: “Oh darn.”) it seems like a good time to take a break from Hall angst and just play some tunes. Besides, it’s a good title for Halloween.

For some time, Atlanta’s primary FM classic rock station, WSRV 97.1 “The River,” had a two-hour show on Sunday nights called “The Deep River Music Vault,” hosted by listeners playing 20 songs of their choice. Format wasn’t enforced, so you’d hear great stuff: everything from a cut off of Priest’s first album to local acts to Vicki Lawrence.

The Vault was appointment listening for me and had an audience, but Atlanta radio being what it is, it was canceled about a year ago. But before that happened, I was fortunate enough to host an episode that was actually pretty well received and still stands up, IMHO, as a listenable set; hopefully you’ll think so as well.

  1. Masters of War – Roger Taylor (1980) 

Recorded for Taylor’s second solo album. Not for purists.


2.  Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine – Todd Rundgren (1975)

From “Faithful.” I was going to use cuts from my favorite albums list, but got onto a cover tangent.



3.  Crying in the Night – Buckingham Nicks (1973)

I don’t think that plan of re-releasing this album and touring with the original band is going to happen.


4.  Movement and Location – Punch Brothers (2012)

The aural equivalent of a neat shot.


5.  Learn How to Live (live) – Billy Squier (1985)

Unabashedly 80s, complete with emotional girl in the audience. But a nice version, with the late Jeff Golub and a teensy cameo by “the Fifth Door,” Doug Lubahn, on bass.






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